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Volunteer Work in Tanzania

Volunteering in Tanzania
Tanzania is East Africa’s largest country, and one of its most diverse. It boasts some of the best game viewing on the continent, and fascinating ancient cultures that belong both to this dark continent and to the travellers that brought with them spicy Eastern as well as stoic British Colonial influence.

Tanzania Travel Highlights

  • Tanzania is proud of its status as home to the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro, the picturesque snow-capped mountain that is Africa’s highest summit and a renowned conquest amongst climbers.
  • The World’s largest crater – the Ngorongoro teems with wildlife and is a virtual ‘fairyland’ when viewed from the crater’s gaping rim and you see game spread out before you amongst the golden savannah.
  • The stunning plains of the Serengeti see innumerable animals pass through during the world famous migration – or, as many travellers like to call it, ‘the greatest show on earth’.
  • The Great Rift Valley offers breathtaking scenery.
  • The Spice Island and former slave trading port of Zanzibar offers idyllic palm-fringed beaches and unsurpassed diving experiences, colourful and festive spice markets and the ancient and captivating capital of Stone Town, as well as our unique Teaching and Community Volunteer Project. The old quarter of the city of Zanzibar’s capital Stone Town has been granted World Heritate Site status for its cultural and historical significance.
  • Other hidden gems in Tanzania include the relatively untouched wilderness reserves of Ruaha National Park and the stunning Selous Game Reserve which is also one of the largest reserve areas in the world.
  • Tanzania also boasts Gorilla trekking in the mountainous western border area of the country.

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