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Women’s Opportunity Network - VERY IMPORTANT

The Women’s Opportunity Network (WON) is a dynamic network of women supporters and staff committed to helping Opportunity International reduce poverty in the developing world. WON invests in the lives of women around the world who use Opportunity’s microfinance services to transform their lives, their children’s lives and their communities.

Why Women?

  • Women represent 70% of those living on less than $2 a day.
  • Women suffer inequitably from the chronic effects of poor nutrition, insufficient healthcare and limited educational opportunity.
  • Women do 66% of the world’s work and receive only 10% of the pay.
  • Women spend 90% of their income on their families, while men typically spend only 35%.
  • Women who contribute to family finances have greater decision-making power, resulting in better nutrition, health and education for their children. When family needs are met, women are more likely to invest in their communities.

Why WON?

WON connects mothers, daughters and sisters who are working their way out of poverty with women around the world who want to make a difference.
Current areas of focus include:
  • Uganda Fund – supports the expansion of Opportunity banking services to Ugandan women, including those in rural areas
  • Banking on Education Campaign – provides loans to entrepreneurs to expand neighborhood schools for children living in poverty
  • One Hen Opportunity Program – brings the lessons of microfinance to life in U.S. classrooms
Learn more about the impact of WON’s Key Initiatives. To find out how you can support Opportunity’s work to improve the lives of women, Take Action for WON.

Why Opportunity?

Opportunity’s innovative microfinance programs and unique banking model have helped millions of women living in poverty expand their small businesses—from market shops to private schools.
In addition to loans, Opportunity offers interest-bearing savings accounts that give clients a secure place to save and grow earnings, training that helps women build successful businesses and develop as community leaders, and affordable insurance that keeps families healthier and provides a safety net.

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